Rate - $35.00 per hour, minimum 1 hour, billed in increments 1/4 of hours

New Complete Computers
The purchase of a New Full Computer will include setup time to physically set the computer up and get it working. Any extra peripherals or software will be done at the Service Fee rate. Any software purchased through C&P, will already be installed. Also, C&P offers 2 hours of free training. This can be taken at any time up to within the 1-year warranty of the computer. This training is specifically on how to use the computer, not any software package. At this time, C&P does not offer Software training courses.

Computer Upgrades
All upgrade prices include the installation of the hardware and software purchased through C&P. It does NOT include File Transfer, if a new Hard Drive is purchased. Even though there is software available to perform this, it is not always 100% successful. There is no "Upgrade" for new Operating Systems. It has been C&Pís experience that even the "Upgrade" packages are only 50% successful. The ONLY time they are 100% successful is if you ONLY use software made by the Operating Systems manufacturer. Any other software, C&P has seen numerous issues of NOT being upgraded properly.

Used Parts
C&P does not accept trade-ins, nor does C&P sell used parts. Please do not ask C&P to find used equipment. C&P does not use Used Parts because any used electronic part cannot be guaranteed to work.

Installation of Parts (Purchased through us):
All parts purchased through C&P has the installation fee built in. That fee includes ONLY the part and installation of that part, with the exception of Hard Drives. ALL Hard Drive purchased through C&P does not include the File Transfer Fee. All other work, outside of the installation of the purchased parts are done at $35.00 per hour. The File Transfer Fee is at the same $35.00 per hour. There are no exceptions.

Installation of Parts (Not purchased through C&P):
All parts installations NOT purchased through C&P will have a Service Fee added to it
Part to be Installed Fee >Note
Hard Drives (No file transfer) $20.00  
Hard Drives (With File Transfer) $20.00 + $35.00 per hour for the transfer. Minimum
1 hour - File Transfer is not warrantied or guaranteed!
Modems $15.00  
Memory $10.00  
Floppy Drives $10.00  
CD-ROMs/DVD $10.00  
CD-R/CD-RW/DVD R-RW $15.00 Includes the installation of software to burn the CDs/DVDs
Motherboard (W/WO CPU) $50.00  
CPU Installation $15.00  
Sound Cards $15.00  
SCSI Card $25.00  
SCSI Hardware $25.00  
USB Hardware $10.00  
Keyboards/Mice $10.00  
Video Cards (Non-TV) $15.00  
Video Cards (TV) $35.00  
Other Call  
Service Fee (See Terms Of Service $35.00 If a scheduled appointment is not kept by the client, and the client fails to notify a C&P Staff member, via phone, within 2 hours, or via e-mail within 5 hours of the appointment, a Service Fee will apply.
Networking   See Terms Of Service